Germany-based Unicat GmbH has begun marketing the 26-foot Unicat MXT – a more consumer-friendly version of its go-anywhere Class C motorhome – in the U.S.
“This is by far the smallest version that we manufacture for the American market,” said Avi Meyers, president of distributor UnicatAmericas Inc., Palo Alto, Calif. “This is much more like a pickup truck. It’s easier to get in and out of, and it’s softer riding.”
The MXT predecessor in the U.S., built on an International 7400 commercial truck chassis, resembled a military vehicle more than an RV.
The Unicat MXT is built standard on a beefed-up 23,500-pound International MXT cutaway chassis equipped with a 300-hp International VT365 V8 diesel engine.
The chassis is shipped from the U.S. to Unicat’s factory in Dettenheim, Germany, and outfitted with a 17-foot-long, fiberglass-reinforced-polyester body. The unit features a four-passenger crew cab that is designed so the entire cabover roof opens to the outdoors.
Unicat can be equipped with its own reverse osmosis desalination system, an 8-kw generator, oversized fuel tanks, cab roof rack and front and rear 15,000-pound hydraulic winches. A stainless steel bumper folds manually beneath the coach when camping.
Built in Europe since 1995, Unicat motorhomes are intended to be driven off-road to areas not accessible for traditional RVs.
“Our market is adventure travelers,” Meyers said. “This is for someone who would wants to make life-passage trips overland.”
Unicats are built to order and take six months to complete. Shipping to Germany and back is included in the Unicat MTX’s retail price of $500,000, well-equipped.