Startup company LaMarr Motor Coach Inc., Pasco, Wash., will begin production in December on the Stiletto, an unusual 36-foot fifth-wheel trailer boasting a suspension system that will allow the body to be lowered to ground level when parked.

“We are hoping to sell over 120 Stilettos in the next year,” said Charles McGhee, LaMarr’s executive vice president and one of three principals of the company.

Also equipped with wider doors, the Stiletto is expected to appeal to people who may have physical problems accessing an RV, McGhee said.

In mid-July, LaMarr was equipping a 43,000-square-foot factory in Pasco to begin production of the Stiletto with a staff of 10 people. McGhee said the company expects to employ 200 people within a year.

LaMarr Motor Coach Inc. began operation in May with Stuart LaMarr as president. LaMarr and McGhee were joined by a third principal investor, Roger Palmer. Most recently LaMarr was executive vice president and McGhee vice president of sales for the Trail Wagons Inc., Yakima, Wash., manufacturer of the Chinook brand motorhome. Previously, LaMarr worked with Boeing Industries, while McGhee was employed by Starcraft Corp. and at an RV industry supply company.

The Stiletto’s airbag suspension system, for which LaMarr is seeking a patent, allows the body of the trailer to sit from zero to 24 inches above the ground.

“There is no axle,” McGhee said. “Each tire has it’s own airbag system.”

While similar technology is available via an air-bag system in some high-end Class A motorhomes, McGhee said LaMarr is the first to develop a low-cost system for a trailer.

“Once we figured out the placement of the airbags, the rest just sort of fell into place,” McGhee said. “After you are parked, you will be able to flip a switch and all of it will sink to the ground.”

The Stiletto, which has a molded fiberglass exterior, is expected to retail for approximately $70,000.