MaxxFan Handheld Remote Control from MaxxAir Vent Corp.

The MaxxFan Handheld Remote Control from MaxxAir Vent Corp. lets owners control their MaxxFan and MaxxFan Deluxe ventilation fans from the palm of their hand. This remote enables users to control all fan functions and is more informational than other similar products on the market.

MaxxAir’s Handheld Remote is the only fan remote control with an easy-to-read and simple-to-understand LCD screen. A transmission signal is displayed on the LCD screen when a button is pushed to indicate the signal was transmitted to the fan. A beep sound from the ceiling unit lets owners know the signal from the remote was received by the fan.

This remote can be used to turn the fan on/off and select any of 10 fan speeds, open/close the vent lid, reverse the fan from intake to exhaust and place the fan in Auto (thermostat) Mode. When Auto Mode is selected, the initial set point is 78° F and can be easily adjusted in 1° increments. During Auto Mode, the fan changes speed automatically as the cabin temperature nears the thermostat set point.

Operating on two AAA batteries, a low battery indicator lets users know when the Handheld Remote is low on power. To conserve battery power, the LCD screen will go blank after five minutes of inactivity.

MaxxAir’s MaxxFan Handheld Remote Control is not sold separately, but is included in the box with all MaxxFan Remote Control models.

Contact MaxxAir Vent Corporation, 5513 W. Sligh Ave., Tampa, FL  33634, USA.  800-780-9893; Fax: 813-876-2550.  [email protected]; www.maxxair.com.