Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.05.22 AMUnited Shade, an affiliate of Dicor Corp., has introduced three new videos for RV owners that show in clear detail how to measure for shades, repair strings for pleated shades, and program motorized windshield shades. To view one of the videos click here or scroll to the right side of the RVBUSINESS.com home page.

According to a press release, the procedures are explained and demonstrated by Mark Polk of RV Education 101. Offered on United Shade’s website at www.unitedshade.com, the videos provide step-by-step instructions that allow RV owners to maintain their shade functions and décor through aftermarket products.

“We’re finding a lot of interest from RVers in different kinds of shade options as they seek to upgrade their shade functionality and décor,” said Bob Keller, general manager for United Shade. “People are interested in what new roller shades and pleated shades can do as far as providing more privacy, more shade, more convenience and a new look for the inside of their RV.”

“Of particular interest is the video on using our restring and repair kit for pleated shades, which is one of our best selling items in the aftermarket,” he added. “The video has had an overwhelming response when it was first posted on YouTube before we even got it up on our website. The kit offers an inexpensive, do-it-yourself way to fix a common problem with an attractive shade to restore full functionality.”

Along with shade string repair, another video shows how to accurately measure for new shades, going over the measurement procedures and considerations needed for both inside mounted and outside mounted configurations.

“This is broken down into a clearly understandable method for getting crucial measurements correct,” said Keller.  “As with the restring video, seeing exactly how it’s done should give people great confidence in being able to tackle these kinds of upgrades and achieve excellent results.”

A third video shows how to use the short-range and long-range programming modes for motorized windshield shades that are wired both to a dual-position switch and to the ignition switch, so that shades automatically adjust to different set positions depending on whether the ignition switch is on or off.

“Contemporary shades for RVs have a lot of features that make them both elegant and convenient options for creating shade and privacy. We believe these videos should make working with such shades less intimidating and encourage more people to take advantage of the options available,” said Tina Sharkey, sales manager for United Shade. “This is the kind of additional support United Shade is dedicated to providing, whether for RV manufacturers, RV dealers or RV consumers.”

To learn more about Dicor Corporation and its affiliated companies, visit www.Dicor.com.