Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp. affiliate United Shade has created a new contract division to refocus its efforts on the commercial market for window coverings.

According to a press release, United Shade has shifted personnel from its Window Expressions affiliate, which formerly served both decorator/designer home markets as well as commercial customers, to the new contract division. This division will exclusively focus on larger commercial accounts, offering a full line of window coverings. Window Expressions no longer exists as a separate corporate entity.

“We see larger opportunities in the commercial market,” said Braden McCormick, president of United Shade. “This move allows us to take advantage of our manufacturing strengths for commercial products. Our main manufacturing facility in Indiana offers exceptional capacity for quick production of large orders, and our central location in the U.S. enables delivery within a couple days to any part of the country.”

Commercial applications involve offices, schools, hospitality, health care operations and other demanding environments. Smart Series Roller Shades have been the core products for Window Expressions’ business, and will remain so with the contract division, including Smart Power Roller Shades, Smart Rise Roller Shades, Smart View Roller Shades and SmartWeave Roller Shades. Other commercial products include vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, mini blinds and honeycomb blinds.

The United Shade contract division website (www.unitedshadecontract.com) has been expanded to accommodate all Window Expressions products as well as new products in the Contract Division. The site will also contain product demo videos and installation and repair videos.