Authorities may never know what ignited the massive fire that leveled Kelowna, British Columbia-based Northern Lite Truck and Campers last week.

According to a report by The Daily Courier, fire and insurance investigators spent hours probing the ruins of the Northern Lite building, but failed to pinpoint the cause.

“Damage to the building was extensive. An area of the origin within was determined, but excessive heat and the roof collapsing into the building left few indicators as to the cause,” Platoon Capt. Dale Calhoun said in a statement.

The fire ripped through the 18,000-square-foot structure just after midnight Wednesday. No one was inside, but the blaze vaporized 14 camper trailers under construction and put nearly 40 employees out of work.

The scene was considered too dangerous to inspect even 20 hours after firefighters doused the flames because the walls could have collapsed and hot spots flared up steadily.

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