Preliminary plans are coming together for an RV Rally Complex in Nacogdoches, Texas, that will include an activity center, playgrounds, pavilions, a visitor’s center and restroom facilities.
According to the Daily Sentinel, the city’s RV rally committee is proposing to develop an upscale RV park and convention complex on 50 acres.
The park would serve as host for large RV rallies and conventions, as well as accommodate individual RV travelers.
The activity center stands as the centerpiece for the project. The facility will be available for rent and committee members are hoping the versatility of the center will be appealing to large groups.
“It will seat 500,” said committee member Dick Voigtel. “Frankly, the design is very impressive.”
Voigtel said it was too soon to discuss exactly what the project might cost because plans were still being submitted to city officials for approval.