Cleveland, Ohio-based United States Warranty Corporation (USWC) announced the addition of a Marine Division, rounding out the company’s diversified service contract portfolio. According to a press release, USWC has been providing service contracts to customers for 45 years.

“For 45 years we have been committed to serving RV customers throughout the country and do it by providing excellent service with integrity and trust,” says Alexis Reed, USWC Chief Operating Officer.

“Many of our current dealers have been asking for this F&I product for a while now.  We have done our research, listened to our customers and created a variety of comprehensive, customizable service contract plans suitable for any budget,” stated Jay Demaske, vice president, business development, tapped to head up the implementation and operations of the marine division. “Creating trusting relationships and treating our customers like family is really what we are all about.”

Service contracts, or extended warranties, provide coverage for mechanical, electrical or hydraulic components that are no longer covered by the manufacturer.  Such coverage provides peace of mind protection while offering an efficient way for new and used boat owners to budget costly repairs.  From a dealership or repair facility’s perspective, offering service contracts and ancillary products can add additional revenue streams for sales and F&I divisions.

“As the owner, creator and administrator of our service contract brand there are no silos, no long wait times for approvals and fast approvals mean fast payments for everyone.  We have created a best-in-class, robust benefit package with higher coverage limits, and an exclusionary plan,” says Vice President of Marketing and Communications Patty Emser.