RVers may soon be able to enjoy cool summer breezes on their own secluded patio – perched atop a triple-decker RV.

Granite Bay Inc., a Springville, Utah-based startup is expected to begin production by mid-September on two unique lines of multi-level motorhomes and towables.

Both brands – Serenity motorhomes and Destiny towables – will feature two full-height interior levels, with the second level containing two bedrooms connected to the first by an interior staircase.

The company has built motorhome and fifth-wheel prototypes. The overall height of the motorhome is 13 feet and the height of the fifth-wheel is 12 feet.

“We don’t believe we are going to take a huge chunk out of the market,” said Granite Bay President Sheldon S. Hetzel, who formerly owned Mercator Marine and RV in Springville. “We are creating a niche.”

Hetzel said the company is in negotiations with a chassis maker and engine manufacturer.

The multi-level concept was designed in Rancho Cordova, Calif., by Randall Wishart, a building contractor and RV enthusiast, who is the company’s technical director.

Hetzel said the company expects to produce between 50 and 60 RVs during its first year with production being capped at approximately 340 units after three years. The company plans to hire between 150 and 200 people.

A 40-foot Serenity motorhome will retail for $550,000, while 36-foot Destiny fifth wheel will sell for $131,000, Hetzel said.