UVSJunction_Logo_SmUVS Junction has updated its “Proactive Popup” feature to now include video, the Winter Springs, Fla.-based company reported in a press release.

“When ‘Proactive Popup’ was first released, it was in a static form that our clients couldn’t edit,” said Director Angie Cellucci. “We had multiple requests from our dealer clients to include video in the form.  We put the request on our development table and now our ‘Proactive Popup’ form includes the option of adding video.”

A key advantage to “Proactive Popup,” according to Cellucci, is giving the dealer control. “Dealers can make the form open on every page or target a different message on individual pages,” she said. “Adding different ‘Proactive Popups’ to various pages of a website is a powerful way to intrigue visitors to leave their information.

“An example of how our new ‘Proactive Popup’ could be used is if the dealer has one stale unit that they want to highlight. They would do a walk-through video of the unit and include a ‘Proactive Popup’ widget on their details page. That would allow that video to open when a visitor clicks through their inventory.”

Cellucci emphasized that the “Proactive Popup” only opens once on any given day so it is not intrusive. “If the visitors clicks away from the form it will not continue to open for the remainder of the visit (or day),” she said. “The software refreshes the following day giving repeat visitors an opportunity to see new incentives.”

To watch a video and learn more about our Proactive Popup, click here: http://www.uvsjunction.com/pages/proactive_popup.