UVSJunction_LogoUVS Junction announced a recent update within its back-end console dashboard. According to a press release, the company has added a “provided media assets folder” accessed through the private media center on client websites.

“The folder is updated constantly with seasonal artwork,” noted Director Angie Cellucci. “Our graphics team sizes the art, cuts backgrounds out for overlays and does all the difficult preparation so all our clients have to do is click and save them onto the pages they want to use the artwork on.”

Celluccu said that a key feature is a slideshow tool that includes the ability to load slides and set a start/end date so clients can prepare for upcoming events. “Our clients also have an image editing tool built in, so they don’t need expensive software to create banners and graphics,” she said. “Our image editing tool is simple and works with all the assets we provide. ”

Other upgrades include:

• A floorplan update overseen by a full-time UVS team dedicated to loading new floorplans from the manufacturers. “Our clients get to use the floor plans on various pages of their website,” Cellucci said. “The floorplans are automated so when new inventory is loaded, they’ll automatically publish on the page.”

• A product update section, informing clients about any new widgets or software updates. “We offer a how-to video, so people can get started immediately,” Cellucci said.

• A ‘post-it-note feature where clients can see immediate call-to-action notes from the UVS team, including industry news, marketing tips, etc.

To learn more about our UVS dashboard, visit http://www.uvsjunction.com/pages/new_uvs_dashboard_update.