UVS Junction reported that the company’s heat mapping tool has yielded surprising insight into where users click when they enter an RV dealer’s website. Director Angie Cellucci said in a press release that UVS developed a heat mapping tool that “maps every page” on dealers’ sites, providing a more detailed blueprint of user preferences.

“This was certainly an eye opener because what we thought was prime navigation placement wasn’t even close,” she said. “Comparing nearly 280 RV dealer locations across the country, it was obvious most consumers weren’t manufacturer or brand savvy in the beginning of their purchase choices. They wanted to search by very targeted options – living preferences like bunk house, rear living or outside kitchen – and they wanted to search by price range or even payment buying. Clicking onto manufacturer or brand logos was not their preference at all.”

“Since the installation of our heat mapping and the launch of our targeted icons, our heat maps have taken on a whole spin and our clients have learned to move their real estate around on their homepage focusing on the preferences consumers are looking for,” said Cellucci. “We always advise having all navigation available but what our heat maps have driven our clients to do is move the icons away from their prime real estate and take advantage of the upper third of their site.”

She noted that the heat maps have also allowed dealers to see what “call to action graphics” are working. “Most client sites still adamantly want a large slide show on their homepage, but looking at the map in some cases they may want to rethink placement,” Cellucci said. “Consumers are smart today and very visual and they’re moving a million miles per hour. They are researching living preferences first, pricing next and then move onto manufacturers and brands.”

Heat mapping can be installed on any website regardless of the provider. For more information click here.