UVSJunction_LogoUVS Junction announced today (April 22) that all website consoles now have multiple mobile options and are up to date based on Google’s new algorithm changes for April 2015.

“Mobile devices are more widely used and Google is adjusting their search platform to give precedence to mobile-optimized websites,” explained UVS Director Angie Cellucci. “We wanted to give our mobile visitors a choice. There are so many devices now that have oversized screens. Many people carry tablets as well, so from their end, making a choice to toggle from mobile to full website makes it easy. With that in mind we also have to focus on many that still have small devices so a full mobile site is a better choice for them.”

Cellucci noted that with the change it was important not to use incompatible software. “An example would be a Flash drive slideshow or video,” she said. “It would simply be a black box on most mobile devices due to them not having Flash built in their phone or tablet. Because UVS is big on video, it was important for to build a mobile software that would perform. Our mobile sites know what device the visitor has in their hand.”

Google is looking specific components on mobile sites, including:

• Text (content) needs to be legible and easily accessible.

• A site needs to be responsive to fitting the screen size to the device being used.

• Links need to be properly spaced for easy use, which makes it important to have a clean mobile site without clutter.

“As a development corporation, our clients have a strong presence because we wrote our code with all of this in mind,” said Cellucci. “All our client mobile traffic is registered as ‘true mobile traffic’ because their mobile pages are living on their primary domain. It’s not a third-party standalone mobile.”

New features include:

• Mobile software that easily supports multilocation dealers. Visitors can alos navigate and shop by location while sites include a similar inventory for a more robust search.

• Google Maps with a “get directions” option, the ability to update the “mobile about us” page and update a static header with seasonal art and call-to-action graphics,

• Large easy-to-view inventory images along with floorplans and specifications.

• An e-commerce parts store with direct connectivity to NTP-Stag Parkway fulfillment. The mobile store also has a smart cart that will remember items if the transaction is not completed.

For more information visit http://www.uvsjunction.com/pages/uvs%20mobile%20features.