UVS Junction LLC announced a new program offering its eCommerce parts store to all RV dealers, regardless if they are currently a client.

“When we built the eCommerce store, we knew it was a powerful tool,” Angie Celucci, director of UVS Junction, said in a press release. “Since the release the reception has been overwhelming. After participating with the recent Stag Parkway show in Vegas we knew it was something we needed to do. We had so many RV Dealers that truly wanted the store as a stand-alone product. We’ve rewritten our eCommerce store to allow just that.”

According to Celucci, dealers gain the ability to load over 13,000 products on their website while adding their own categories, parts and products. The store also allows dealers to fulfill orders from their own shelf or their providers and generates a PO for tracking.

“It’s an eCommerce store, so the dealer collects all the money, and they pay their provider based on their terms,” said Celluci. “It’s collecting the information from the customer, generating a data base for future contact.

In addition, dealers can create coupons, newsletters and e-blasts, Celucci said.

To learn more about the UVS eCommerce platform and view video, click here or to see a demo store click here