UVS Junction has enhanced its eCommerce program with a new online parts sales referral program. According to a press release, the new referral program allows RV dealers to invite “sales affiliates” to help with parts and accessories sales online.

Based on the decision of the RV dealer, anyone can be an affiliate seller under UVS Junction’s referral program. The dealer eCommerce administrator will have full control in managing its affiliate members and can customize the commission it pays individual affiliates for sales.

“Basically, RV dealer affiliates with this referral program can place a special link on their websites that pushes visitors to the dealership parts store,” Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction. “A specific affiliate ID number allows the dealer to know which affiliate made a sale, what they sold, and when the sale was made. Another really cool thing is that now smaller RV dealerships that don’t have partnerships with industry distributors can now become an affiliate for another dealership and earn a set commission for online sales.”

The referral program comes at no extra cost to UVS Junction eCommerce program customers and is available now.

“RV dealers over the past few years have learned that selling parts online are now a very large part of their revenue and having this option to sell parts through their eCommerce store while they are sleeping is the coolest option ever – especially when someone else is selling your parts for you,” Cellucci said.

Features of UVS Junction’s new referral program include:

• A user signup tool allows dealers to have direct administrator control over affiliate participation. Affiliates must apply to the program, be accepted by the administrator, and can be suspended at any time.

• Universal affiliate links ensure that referrer affiliates will receive a specially-assigned ID number, which is included in their referral URL links. When someone uses the link to purchase parts, the referrer affiliate receives a commission credit predetermined by the RV dealer.

• The dealer administrator decides what commission each affiliate will receive and can change the rate at any time. Commission can be paid at any time.

• Monthly individual affiliate payout reporting tools and order review. Referral reports are broken down into affiliate ID number, last payment made, current commission rate, current sales, unpaid commission, year-to-date sales, year-to-date commission, and order-by-order breakdown.

• Referrer banners. Web banner graphics linking to an RV dealers parts story can be created for specific affiliates to host on their own websites.

“We built this referral program so RV dealers can pass on a controlled affiliate link, and others can sell parts for them on their site,” Cellucci said. “Our lead developer, Doug McDonald, built this new program as a surprise to me on his down time to kick up our eCommerce product to unimaginable levels.”

To learn more about this new RV Parts eCommerce Referral Program, click here.