UVSJunction_LogoUVS Junction is continuing to help educate dealers how to point paid traffic to their site while keeping their “bounce rate down.”

“It’s all about the landing page,” said Director Angie Cellucci. “We see so many clients spending thousands of dollars every month purchasing traffic, and the clicks are going to their homepage. They’re buying very targeted campaigns but when their prospect clicks through the ad they’re landing on a page that has very little relevance of what they searched.”

The key. according to Cellucci, is to create landing pages that support keywords. “An example would be if you’re buying the keywords for a certain model RV, you need to point the paid clicks to a landing page about that particular manufacturer rather than sending the clicks to your homepage where your prospect has to sift through content to find what they’re looking for.”

She added, “Consumers are smart and fast and following these guidelines will keep your bounce rate low and your visitors retention high.”

To see examples and learn more about getting the best bang for your Adwords dollars, click http://www.uvsjunction.com/pages/manage_your_adwords_budget.