UVS Scrolling BannerUVS Junction has released its Rapid Description Tool, designed to build website traffic by writing “relevant product descriptions” that will be recognized by Google’s search engine.

“Our Rapid Description Tool gives our clients a birds-eye view of all the information they would need to create robust descriptions at a glance,” said UVS Director Angie Cellucci in a press release. “Dealers can look at the floorplan, images they have already loaded into the inventory, the location and most important year, make and model. All they need to do is write their content and save.

“Our tool flips them over to the next unit.  They can skip a unit or even go back.  The tool even gives them an option to only view inventory that’s missing descriptions.  This tool saves mountains of time and makes the task fun and easy.”

Cellucci stressed that inventory descriptions are an important part of any website and is a key player in bringing organic results forward.  “There is an art to writing descriptions,” she said. “You’re telling a story to Google and attaching key words to the subject. When Googles sees content that is now relevant to your floorplan (or manufacturer, year, etc), you’ll show up in a search.”

To view a video and learn more about this new description tool, click here.