141982873962256UVS Junction has introduced a video help center update to assist clients in keeping pace with newly released software upgrades.

“Our software is really easy to use, but sometimes it can become overwhelming due to the fast pace that we roll out new products,” said UVS Director Angie Cellucci. “In any given month, we can release up to six new products for our clients to use.”

The update offers quick access to problems and questions encountered by UVS clients while acclimating to the addition of new products.

“We wanted to give our clients one place to easily reference and learn on the fly,” Cellucci noted. “All UVS consoles now feature a help center tab. When clicked, they’ll find a list of categories and can easily locate the widget or update they’re looking for.”

In addition, UVS offers video tutorials on recent upgrades. “When clients play the video it will walk them through step by step,” Cellucci said. “They can also pause the video while following the easy steps.”

She added, “This tool is an important part of their success. We offer so many cool features and we want our clients to benefit by all of them. We’re always available to build and help our clients, but they often like to self-manage.”

To learn more about the new UVS video help center, click here.