UVS Scrolling BannerUVS Junction recently announced its new “Proactive Popup Form” to all clients. According to a press release, dealers can add the feature to all site pages or just targeted pages.  

“They get to set the timer and also choose which team members receive notification of a new lead via email,” noted UVS Director Angie Cellucci. “Based on the settings the dealer chooses, the form gently slides open and asks the visitor to leave their information. 

The “Proactive Popup Form” works with the new Round Robin Lead Delivery update, allowing dealers to customize delivery and target strengths within their sales team.  Round Robin choices include:

• General lead delivery within the entire team.

• Delivery of leads broken down by motorized or towable.

• Delivery of leads broken down by manufacturer or even brand

• Delivery of leads broken down by new or used

• Lead Manager, which acts as the gate keeper.

“The most important feature is our auto-match lead delivery,” Cellucci said. “This is by far the strongest update and our clients are certainly benefiting by it. Auto-match will always ensure delivery of a lead to the same team member once a lead is assigned. Sorting tools create an easy to use reporting function.”  

Dealers can now pull the following lead reports: prospect name; prospect e-mail; prospect phone; year of unit; manufacturer; brand.

“The ability to pull such defined reports as an assigned or unassigned lead is a great addition to any dealership,” said Cellucci.

To see a Proactive Popup in action, click hereTo learn more about UVS Junction, click here.