UVSJunction_LogoUVS Junction announced the rollout of an updated Media Center. According to a press release, all UVS clients now have access to a new folder called Media Assets, which includes ready-to-use graphics that will keep sites fresh and seasonal.

“What we found is that most dealers want to customize their graphics, so we took it to the next level,” said UVS Director Angie Cellucci. “Even though there are a ton of ready-to-use graphics, companies still need personalized graphics. This is giving our clients the freedom of creating their own graphics on the fly.”

UVS also announced the integration of a new image editing tool. “We brought in new software so it works directly with the images we have stored,” Cellucci said. “It’s all built in, so our clients can now easily edit their inventory images with content and overlays. In addition we’ve rebuilt their Media Assets Folder to include industry graphics already ‘cut out’ for easy layering.”

Cellucci added that clients now have folders with manufacturer and brand logos, call-to-action overlays and ready-to-use seasonal sized banners.

“All the user has to do is drag in multiple layers of content and overlays and save it,” she said. “We’ve written it into our back end so when our clients choose to use the editor, it keeps them in their console and saves the image into their media center.”

Sized banners are stored by category while logos and call-to-action crests and overlays are on a transparent background for drag and drop overlay management.

“Most importantly our clients don’t have to spend money on fancy software nor do they need to have training on how to use it,” Cellucci said. “Our clients are also very creative with their inventory images.  They now have the option to write content directly on an inventory image, or add cool overlays and call-to-action incentives.

To see a demo video of this newly added tool, click here.