UVS Junction announced the release of a new lead delivery update as all clients now have the option to turn on “Round Robin Lead Rotation Delivery.” According to a press release, the update was put into place following a new client request.

The update invites the dealer to select “Round Robin” delivery. Leads are then rotated within team members, and can be passed on at will. One “lead master” is assigned and all leads are delivered to that person so they can keep track of rotation and delivery.

In addition, UVS has included UVS Smart Delivery that “allows the CRM to always attach all future inquires to the assigned team members.” This affords team members to maintain ownership of that prospect. Each team member has an updated dashboard that allows them to manually load leads into the system and they can select the lead source for ultimate management.

“We’ve also included the ability to rotate leads by location, RV Type, manufacturer or pretty much any custom category the dealership wants to create,” reported UVS Director Angela Cellucci. “When building this and asking for a wish list, it was important for dealers to customize rotation. Some team members are stronger than others when it comes to brand knowledge or even motorized versus towables.”

She added, “Our ‘Round Robin Rotation’ is so highly customizable that anything the dealer thinks up can happen. The possibilities of pushing leads to the ‘right fit team member’ are endless.”

To learn more about UVS “Round Robin Rotation click here.