UVS Junction announced that its third-party integration tool, UVSAssist, has been rewritten to allow for more streamlined, user-friendly postings.

“Due to continued demand, we’ve rewritten our UVSAssist software,” said UVS Director Angie Cellucci. “We also put together an on-site team for continued live support and management of this tool. Now that we’ve expanded to nearly 5,000 square feet of office space we certainly have the room for this welcomed growth.”

UVSAssist is a third-party inventory assistance and management tool that posts to a dealer’s market of choice. Cellucci said UVSAssist is also a YouTube automation tool that stitches inventory photos together, embeds logos or seasonal image of choice and a phone number on the video with a detailed SEO friendly description of the unit.  UVSAssist includes an eBay automation tool that connects to the eBay Motor Store.

“UVS Junction currently services over 250 RV dealers with this product and we’re confident with our new easy-to-use upgraded version our numbers will increase due to the affordability of the product,” Cellucci said, noting that for UVS website clients who pay monthly, it’s included, while for non-clients the entire package is $200 monthly. “This new version replaces our current UVSAssist tool. Our goal was to make is as user friendly as possible.”

She added, “We’ve learned through our research that one will more than likely get flagged or even ghosted when posting large amounts of inventory, even when paced. There are also targeted hours of activity that will flag or ghost your listings.  We’ve written that all into our automation to keep flagging and ghosting down to the lowest levels. Our research leads to 10 daily postings as the magic number, so we’ve paced our software in your favor.”

For more information about UVS Junction click here:  http://www.uvsjunction.com