UVS Junction announced that it has partnered with RV Education 101, offering the company’s training program and educational videos within its console video playlist.

“Over the years our play list has grown and we currently have hundreds archived dating back to manufacturer brands in 2000,”  said UVS Junction Director Angie Cellucci in a press release. “Our dealers simply need to open their library and publish on demand video anywhere on their site.  Our archives give our clients the opportunity to publish video even on their pre-owned inventory providing we have it in our library.  Having this new playlist from Dawn and Mark Polk is a powerful addition to our library and we’re so excited to announce it.

RV Education 101 founder Mark Polk noted, “In an effort to continue improving RV safety awareness and RV consumer education, we teamed with UVS Junction to provide RV dealers with easy access to our consumer-driven video training program. Video is the consumer’s choice venue for learning about their RV and this partnership with UVS will assist RV dealers in providing free quality how-to video content to their customers. It’s the perfect training portal for RV dealers to offer additional training to their customers on how to use and maintain their RV to include product training associated with RV use and fun.”

Dawn Polk, co-owner, added, “Since 1999, RV Education 101’s full line of training video and DVD series, has helped tens of thousands of RV consumers learn how to properly operate and maintain their RVs. Mark delivers the video content in an easy to understand style that makes sense to the end user. Our professional free educational videos from a recognized RV authority will give consumers a reason to come back to a dealer website. A satisfied and educated RV owner will stay actively and safely involved in the RV lifestyle, not to mention loyal to the dealer that provided them with the knowledge.”

UVS clients who are also Stag-Parkway eCommerce clients, will have access to the library on their online stores.  “This means that Stag Parkway eCommerce owners can now add any of these videos to any eCommerce page in an effort to continue educating consumers,” said Cellucci.

“On average, UVS Junction supports roughly 80,000 to 90,0000 hours of viewed video per calendar month for our client base,” she explained. “If you do the math, the numbers are mind blowing as the average video run time is between 1 and 7 minutes.  Consumer are hungry to learn and video brings a sense of comfort to them.  Now adding The RV Education 101 library to playlist only makes things so much better.”

To learn more about UVS Junction, visit http://www.uvsjunction.com.