UVS Junction announced that it will be conducting its “RV Digital Boot Camp” Aug. 14-16 at its learning lab in Winter Springs, Fla.

According to a press release, the three-day Junction University session will teach attendees the latest and most effective Internet strategies, BDC development and dealer processes through hands-on computer lab exercises. Attendees will “learn the truth about what works and what doesn’t” on the Internet and can implement the strategies at their individual workstations.

The Junction University workshops are designed to bolster the skills of RV dealers of all levels, according to Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction. The educational offerings will be overseen by the company’s development team, which includes two former professors of Full Sail University. Online marketing and technology experts will regularly make guest appearances during workshops, UVS Junction said.

“The purpose of this university is for the RV industry to remain powerful,” said Cellucci. “Our industry is so far behind others like the automotive sector. While speaking with RV dealers every day, it’s clear that there is such a thirst to learn but they just don’t have a place to go that can be trusted.

“We feel that if we don’t start educating RV dealers now, they are going to go elsewhere to other industry trade shows that are outside the RV industry to learn about the new digital world. We want to ensure dealers are getting the right information instead of what marketing companies are trying to sell them.”

Topics will include:

• RV Digital Marketing basics.

• Attracting today’s RV prospect online

• Merchandising inventory online.

• Generating first-party leads.

• Effective processes for collecting consumer information.

• Optimizing your dealership website without the high cost of SEO companies.

• Learn about Google Logic.

• The power of video marketing.

• Effective SEO strategies.

• Social media strategies.

• Social media strategies for website visitors.

UVS Junction’s effort to educate the industry will continue outside Junction University. The company said it will donate a portion of its Junction University registration proceeds to help support the RV Learning Center.

To learn more about Boot Camp click here.