Responding to input from its dealer client base, UVS Junction has updated and enhanced its mobile software capabilities to add function and address the needs of a changing marketplace.

“We originally designed our software to offer real-time connectivity,” said UVS Director Angie Cellucci. “But the key was that it was part of the dealer’s primary domain versus using a third-party, so it instantly registers real-time edits from computer to mobile.”

Cellucci said that original platform was effective, but dealers were looking for more features.

“We received a call from Mike Noble, co-owner of Noble RV,” she said. “Mike shared that since they were a multilocation dealership, he wanted his mobile visitors to have options to search that way. He also wanted them to have the ability to call each location easily. We went to work and delivered on providing those changes.”

The updates include:

• A tab to easily view all locations with Google maps and allow visitors to click and call. In addition, while browsing inventory, users will be able to view the location’s city and state.

• All map functions have been updated.

• Usability updates are included.

• Click to call by location now makes it easy for prospects to reach their choice.

These updates were added to the existing platform which offers:

• Keeps inventory in real time. When dealers add a new unit to the website, it adds it to mobile. The same function works when deleting units.

• The ability to manage categories.

• When a visitor shops the mobile e-Commerce store and abandons the transaction, it will remember them when they revisit your website.

• Includes all assets from the living inventory (floorplans, specs, etc.)

• Offers units with similar inventory.

• Search opportunities by manufacturer, class, stock number, key words, etc.

• Full-sized unlimited inventory images.

• “Mobile About Us” can be easily edited along with easy-to-edit mobile header (change out seasonally).

• Company information including location and hours, and Google maps and directions.

• Users can toggle between fill mobile or fully responsive.

• Mobile leads come into the UVS console management.

• Mobile traffic is recognized through your Google Analytics.

To learn more about UVS Junction’s mobile site, visit:  http://www.uvsjunction.com/pages/uvs%20mobile%20features