UVS Junction has freshened up all its mobile applications including UVSAdmin, a time saving mobile app that invites dealer clients to take their inventory photos with their smart phone, select the images and push them directly to their website.

“What we’ve done is enhance the searching tool,” said UVS Director Angie Cellucci. “Once clients download UVSAdmin from their IOS or Android store, they will receive a dealer code from us.  They then open the app, shoot their images and select to load into their inventory by stock number.”

Cellucci said the update includes searching capabilities and a clean browser showing inventory. “Now we’ve included the ability to search by manufacturer or brand through the browser,” she said. “In all cases the browser will show existing photos and dealers can add to inventory if they like.  They can also see inventory without photos easily.”

The apps also produces high-quality images taken on smartphones. “There isn’t a need to use expensive camera equipment anymore,” said Cellucci. “This app saves so much time. Just shoot, select and publish.

For more information on UVSAdmin and to view a video showing how it works, visit  http://www.uvsjunction.com/pages/uvsadmin.