UVS Junction announced today (Feb. 20) the addition of a video option to its eCommerce Parts Store frame. According to a press release, the new element will allow RV dealers to showcase product videos, personal videos,  television spots and educational videos on most pages of their eCommerce Store.

UVS Director Angie Celucci reported that the Winter Springs, Fla.-based firm started offering industry video to website clients back in 2004. Since then they have archived hundreds of videos, giving dealers the opportunity to publish both new and pre-owned inventory. In addition, UVS recently developed software that allows custom videos to be loaded onto a website console with the same logic as YouTube. “This new tool gives total freedom to our website clients to load their television spots, walk through videos, and any other video they like within minutes and publish it on demand without any downtime,” said Celucci.

During any given calendar month, UVS said it can support up to 40,000 hours of video combined among its client base. “Having a video option included within the framework of the eCommerce Parts Store opens so many new marketing strategies and gives our eCommerce clients the opportunity to showcase on behalf of themselves or a vendor,” said Celluci. “It also opens up tons of opportunities for providers. Providers can offer video to eCommerce RV Dealers from specific markets and vendors to help highlight the how to’s or help educate consumers.

To learn more and view a live demo store, visit http://www.uvsjunction.com/pages/partsstore.htm.