UVSJunction_LogoUVS Junction announced that it is offering free oversight of retargeting marketing campaigns for its roster of clients.

According to a press release, retargeting is cookie-driven campaign that helps put a company’s brand in front of prospects. Unlike Pay Per Click (PPC), a monthly budget of as little as $500 will drive thousands of visitors to a website because it’s costing between $8 and $12 for every 1,000 impressions, the company said.

Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction, noted, “Many of our clients pay marketing companies to oversee their very popular retargeting campaigns and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. Marketing companies are resellers for these types of service and that’s their first business so they charge for most actions when you’re a client of theirs. UVS is a certified national reseller and due to our volume, we never charge for this service.  Our customers only pay for the actual impressions and they pay directly for them.”

Cellucci explaned that when visitors access a website come to your site, the retargeting technology “latches onto their cookies and follows them over and over again, putting your brand in front of them for 30 days.”

The differences between retargeting and PPC include:

• Retargeting is a cookie-driven method that will follow your prospects for up to 30 days with continued friendly reminders or a brand flashing in front of them while they’re visiting over 1,000 top news, entertainment, lifestyle and social media websites. Once cookies are collected the campaign continues with banner display ads as prospects surf the web. Once cookies are collected the rest of this platform is on auto pilot.

• PPC is a program where businesses set a daily budget and purchase key words. When their ad comes up and is clicked, companies pay for that click. Once the visitor is gone, they’re gone. In many cases if a website isn’t set up properly, it will have a high bounce rate because visitors will click off the site without clicking past your homepage.

“What most don’t realize is that Google only captures 65% to 70% of your audience,” Cellucci said. “That’s because not everyone uses Google. So what happens to the other 25% to 30%? Remarketing will ensure a reach of up to 90%. There are currently over 1,000 participating websites that will display your ad to visitors.

To view video and learn more about remarketing, visit  http://www.uvsjunction.com/pages/retargeting_marketing_campaign.