UVS Junction has reached an agreement with ReachLocal that will enhance the company’s dealer software offerings.

“It is an amazing tool that allows you to track where marketing dollars are going,” Director Angie Cellucci said in a news release. “When I saw the product I knew it was a perfect fit, but the software needed to work with our industry. At first glance it was powerful for retail businesses, but not quite where it needed to be to support our industry.”

ReachLocal and UVS teams worked together, rewriting the software to manage RV types, departments and all incoming leads.

“In addition, we focused on opening up the Edge product to store thousands of existing leads. Our focus was to put this all new product in the pocket of our clients, literally,” Cellucci said.

The service cost is $149 per month, and is written to service all UVS clients regardless of whether or not they are a ReachLocal client.

ReachEdge offers:

• Lead source tracking.

• Mobile app & alerts.

• Call recording.

• Lead list of top prospects.

• Lead nurturing emails.

• Automated staff reminders.

• ROI reporting.

• Lead insights.

To learn more about ReachEdge and the partnership with UVS and to see a demo video, click here.