UVS Junction LLC, a software company serving hundreds of RV dealers, announced a new software update allowing clients to make flyers and plans to offer online training today (Feb. 7).

According to a press release, “As always we continue to listen to the needs of our website clients and deliver what they ask for. Having an internal tool to build flyers ‘on the fly’ was important so we ran with it. When building the tool, we first penciled through all the ‘what ifs’ and designed this for every level user. We felt it was highly important to not limit the platform with ‘as-is’ templates. We jump started the tool with eight ready-to-go (easily edited) templates and will continue to deliver one new template every week. Templates are seasonal and are loaded with coupons, backgrounds and are easy to build in minutes. In addition we have a blank to start from scratch for those that want to be extra creative.”

“The flyer builder follows the same logic as the UVS Grid Builder drag-and-drop software. When using a readymade flyer, the user loads in the inventory stock number and the software does it all for them. It will automatically pull in the image, pricing and description because it “talks to their UVS console” where their inventory lives, and then it can easily get edited with what UVS calls a simple-to-use editing tool. Next just select from media assets and drop in a call-to-action overlay. It’s that easy.”

For UVS clients that are Stag-Parkway eCommerce clients, UVS included a parts widget. If creating a parts flyer, or a flyer that includes parts, they would simply need to drag in the widget and plug in the part number. Just like the inventory widget, the flyer will populate the flyer with all the information from their Stag-Parkway eCommerce store. Hit the edit key and change the content, pricing, etc. If not an eCommerce client they can still create flyers that include parts with a custom widget box.

All UVS clients now have a media folder called flyer assets. That includes coupons, star bursts, backgrounds, QR code tools, and graphics to allow clients to all have one-of-a-kind creative flyers.

When a flyer is completed the builder then creates a PDF that can be saved anywhere. The PDF is now ready to print in house, professionally or attached to an email or website. Flyers can be one page, two sided, multiple pages or half a page.

UVS continues to offer webinars to both our clients and the industry. This tool is included in their monthly service with unlimited use.

UVS will hold a training webinar today (Feb. 7). It’s a quick 30-minute walk through, showing the features of the new product. To REGISTER for today’s webinar being held at 3 p.m. EST click here.

To see a quick Flyer Builder demo video, click here.