Karen and Tom Rogers like to live small.

According to the Wlliamsburg Yorktown Daily, the couple and their daughter, Kaitlin, lived in an RV from 1999 until a tree destroyed it during a storm in February.

To continue living small, they moved into a 415-square-foot customized house on wheels in a Newport News, Va., manufactured housing development, fitting all of their possessions into a compact, mobile setup instead of a more traditional house.

A few months into living in their new “tiny house,” their minimalist lifestyle may be threatened.

County officials argue the couple cannot keep their home in the mobile home community of Bruton Park without obtaining proper seals to indicate the house meets the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements for a manufactured home.

The seals come affixed to traditional manufactured homes, but Lil’ Lodges, the company from which the Rogers family purchased their home, does not issue HUD seals. A third party would have to evaluate the house and concede that the specifications matched those required by HUD.

Lil’ Lodges traditionally sells park model RVs, but Karen Rogers asked for her model to be built as a manufactured home. Al Maddalena, chief of development and compliance for the county, said the unit would have to be disassembled and evaluated by a third-party engineer before HUD seals could be issued.

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