A study and report done conducted by Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business showed that the state’s park system indicates that visitors to Virginia’s state parks spent an estimated $249.1 million in the commonwealth last year. About 46% of that — $113.7 million — came from out-of-state visitors.

The Daily Progress reported that the total economic impact of Virginia’s state parks in the year — a measure of “fresh money” infused into the state economy — was just over $267 million.

The study found the economic activity stimulated by visitation to state parks supported approximately 3,858 jobs in Virginia, and was responsible for about $133.2 million in wages and salary income in 2018.

Economic activity stimulated by the state parks generated about $24 million in state and local tax revenue during 2018, meaning that $1.26 in state and local taxes were generated for every dollar of tax money spent on the park system.

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