Odorlos holding tank products

Odorlos holding tank products

Valterra Products LLC and Yara North America Inc. today (April 1) announced Valterra’s acquisition of the Odorlos line of RV and marine holding tank odor control products.

According to a release, Odorlos provides an industrial nitrate formulation that provides fast and complete odor control by eliminating the formation of hydrogen sulfide gas that creates the unpleasant odor emanating from waste holding tanks.

The Odorlos products will be folded into Valterra’s product lineup, which is marketed to the RV and marine industries throughout North America. Odorlos provides a complement to Valterra’s existing Pure Power holding tank treatment offerings for RV and marine enthusiasts who have a preference or a need for either a nitrate or bacterial tank treatment, and adds to Valterra’s waste system product offerings. Like Pure Power, Odorlos is formaldehyde-free, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe for all waste systems including septic systems.

“We look forward to providing solutions that meet the needs of all RV and marine enthusiasts by offering different but complementary products,” said Donna Warr, Valterra’s national sales manager.

“I am excited to hand off the Odorlos line to Valterra which has a reputation as a top tier manufacturer of quality products with strong distributor relationships and the ability to market to RV and marine dealers throughout North America. These qualities are exactly what Odorlos needs for future success,” said Jenna Engel, Yara sales manager for Odorlos.