Horst Miracle Probes

Horst Miracle Probes

Valterra Products LLC, headquartered in Mission Hills, Calif., has acquired the manufacturing and marketing rights for the Horst Miracle Probes from Denver-based Horst Dynamics Inc.

According to a press release, the patented holding tank probes are specially designed to provide accurate holding tank level readings without regard to conditions in the tank and offer the following: accurate readings even in tanks with sludge build-up; probes for both black and gray water tanks; easy installation as they fit the 3/8-inch diameter holes of existing probes; compatibility with existing monitors and wiring harnesses, and; cost-effective solution to make RV trips more enjoyable.

The probes will be folded into Valterra’s product lineup marketed to the RV industry throughout North America, and which company officials said provides another “innovative addition” to Valterra’s waste system component offerings.

“We look forward to expanding the market penetration of the Horst Miracle Probes,” said Donna Warr, Valterra’s national sales manager. “RVers who have used the probes report that headaches caused by inaccurate holding tank level readings are practically eliminated.”

John VanderHorst, inventor of the Miracle Probes, said he was “excited” to partner with Valterra, which has a reputation as a “top tier manufacturer of quality RV products with strong distributor relationships and the ability to market to all RV dealers in North America. These qualities are exactly what the Probes need for future success.”

The company markets the effectiveness of Horst Miracle Probes in several ways, including a testimonial from Gary “The RV Doctor” Bunzer, who said, “Simply put, the installation of the Miracle Probes will likely eliminate false monitor panel readings forever. In fact, because of their design it’s almost impossible for these probes to foul under normal use. Personally, I doubt it’s possible to render these probes fouled, even intentionally.”

Since 1981, Valterra Products has been a leading supplier of brand name product lines to the RV, pool and spa, and plumbing industries.