The Everglades Resort RV Park in Mission, British Columbia, is thousands of miles from South Florida, but it lived up to its swampy name when it flooded after torrential rains last week, according to the Vancouver (British Columbia) Sun.
The 360-space RV park, located on an island in Hatzic Lake, was covered by as much as one meter – 3 feet, 3 inches – of water as of Friday (Oct. 17).
None of the motorhomes or towable RVs in the resort sustained serious damage, according to Steve Diamond, president of Everglades Resorts Ltd., owner/operator of the facility.
As of Sunday (Oct. 19), the water level in the park had declined several inches, the newspaper reported.
Everglades Resorts has sold all 360 spaces in the park to RV enthusiasts and about 80 RVers live in the facility year-round. The others stay there only during the summer.
Hatzic Lake flows into the Fraser River, but when there are heavy rains, the assistance of pumps is needed to prevent the area around the lake from flooding. However, the pumps were installed in the late 1940s and now are inadequate for the task, the Sun reported.
Consequently, Everglades Resort also flooded in 1989, 1991, 1997 and 2000. The flood in 1991 was more severe than this year’s, Diamond told the newspaper.