vancouver-olympics-logo1The Vancouver, British Columbia, parks board wants to create temporary recreational vehicle parks at Jericho and Spanish Banks beaches for visitors who want to camp in the city during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. 

Commissioner Ian Robertson said parks staff recognized that a number of people with RVs would come to Vancouver during the Games, according to Metro Canada, Vancouver. 

“We know there’s going to be a significant challenge with hotel space in the city and this just gives tourists and visitors to Vancouver one more option,” Robertson said. 

On Tuesday (June 16), the board announced a request for proposals for an operator to manage the temporary sites during the Games. 

“We’ll ensure that the recreation vehicles will comply with all of the sanitation requirements and that they’re parked in a proper area.” 

Robertson said there had been no public consultation, but said the sites are far enough away that they shouldn’t bother residents. Plus, he said, public access to the beaches will be maintained. The size of the RV sites have not been determined and the proposal is still subject to a temporary development permit from the city. The board hopes to name an operator in July. 

“Any revenue that is generated by this will flow to the parks board and that helps us to deliver better parks and recreation services to the residents,” he said.