The SylvanSport VAST camper, being showcased at this week’s RVX: The RV Experience, will feature No Dirty Water’s (NDW) water purification and oxygenation system. 

“The SylvanSport VAST is a redefining towable relative to outdoor adventure and the RV lifestyle,” said said John Sztykiel, co-founder of NDW. “We are ecstatic to be a part of it. Water is the essence of life, and too often poor water is taken for granted. 

NDW’s natural, two-stage water purification and oxygenation system ensures ‘brilliant water’ throughout the complete VAST water system. In addition, grey water is purified and deodorized as well.”

“The SylvanSport VAST is unique in so many ways, brilliant water was a natural. NDW was a perfect fit. The VAST can be seen at RVX and you can learn more at our Booth No. 3639,” said Tom Dempsey, President/CEO SylvanSport.

SylvanSport’s VAST will also be outfitted with ProMetal Works’ SP3 Integrity frame.

SP3 Integrity frame features:

  • Rigidity for a quality, fit and finish.
  • Superior coating to eliminate rust.
  • Precision cut parts add strength, durability.
  • No Welding offers strength, durability and  no rust.

“We are fortunate to have John Sztykiel, an RV Industry leader for over 30 years, coordinate the design engineering through his firm,” said Fred Boling, co-founder of ProMetal Works.