Velvac announced the introduction of Hyperion offering a smart, camera-based dual object detection system combining both lane change assistance and blind spot detection through integrated higher resolution cameras. 

According to a press release, Hyperion’s intelligent detection technology monitors and alerts drivers via a visual blind spot icon located in the mirror glass. Hyperion will also provide drivers an additional visual image in the monitor displaying the adjacent lane, eliminating the blind spot.

Unlike traditional radar systems, Hyperion’s computer vision algorithms detect and identify vehicles based on their sizes and shapes, providing a highly accurate method of blind spot detection. The software has undergone thousands of hours of training to identify objects in various environmental conditions.  Hyperion’s algorithm follows a specific set of instructions based on certain situational conditions, that when met, trigger the icon to flash. 

In addition to continual monitoring of the vehicle’s blind spot, Hyperion also provides drivers with additional awareness during lane changes. When the vehicle’s turn signal is engaged, the mirror’s icon flashes to indicate the presence of an existing or approaching vehicle. This provides drivers with additional peace of mind when changing lanes and could help to reduce preventable accidents by increasing driver awareness.

“When considering the enormous blind spots that exist on longer vehicles such as RV’s, buses and trucks, any sort of visual cue can greatly increase your awareness,” said Director of RV Sales Paul Hughes.

According to the release, Hyperion has the ability to decrease the number of accidents simply by providing drivers a warning during or prior to lane departures.