Mel and Dottie Gelenberg recenty retired after 34 years as sales representives for Woodall’ Campground Directory.
The Gelenbergs’ tenure as Woodall’s Campground Directory reps was an outgrowth of Mel’s plan to take the family RVing every summer. They came up with the plan because they found how much they had enjoyed a cross-country jaunt with their then young children.
The directory is published by TL Enterprises Inc., which also publishes RV Business and RVBUSINESS.COM.
To finance these annual junkets – and despite Dottie’s belief that it was an absurd idea — Mel approached Woodall’s Publishing Co. about working for them in the summers. And the rest, as they say, was history.
Beginning in 1969, the Gelenbergs spent eight years working with the private campgrounds of Ontario, Canada, before taking over the Pennsylvania territory – their home state. From that time on, they spent their summers RVing in Pennsylvania and sharing their knowledge with the campground owners with whom they did business.
Now retired from both teaching and RVing, the couple has sold their motorhome and house and moved to an adult community in Langhorne, Pa. The Gelenbergs plan to spend this camping season working on their new home. They hope to drive across the country again next year by car “just to see what it’s like.”