Editor’s Note: Today’s video is from WNDU, South Bend, Ind., offering a rundown of last weekend’s RV show at the Hall of Fame hosted by local dealers. Below is an accompanying story.

More than 500 people stopped in Elkhart, Ind., for an RV Show over the weekend, signaling the industry is starting to turn around.

WNDU TV reported that several Elkhart RV dealers hosted the event at the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum Friday (April 27) through Sunday.

“Things are starting to turn around,” said Elkhart RV Center Sales Manager Scot Moody. “Production’s starting to pick up, the retail customers are starting to come back out, we’re starting to see more retail traffic.”

It seems one of the industries hit hardest during the recession is making one of the strongest comebacks in Elkhart County.

Several folks actually purchased RVs at the show over the weekend.

“Everything’s been selling,” Moody said. “We’ve got everything from a high end fifth wheel for $100,000 down to a travel trailer that’s $9,999. Anything you want you can get for the family.”

Moody says part of the reason for the turnaround is simple math.

Families are buying RVs so trips to local destinations seem like vacations – and they’re saving a lot of cash in the long run.

“We can cook our own meals on the spot, so we’re actually saving money as opposed to going hoteling,” said RV owner Mark T. Stuber.

But in order to make a full recovery in the new economy, RV manufacturers are having to change the way they do business and find ways to make the gas guzzling vehicles cheaper to drive.

“It needs to be light enough that you’re not running 25,000 pounds down the road because weight costs fuel economy,” Stuber said.