Editor’s Note: The following is a report by FOX4 News about a caravan that drove through a Kansas neighborhood to protest a resident’s negative comments about RVs. To view a related video click here or scroll to the right side of the RVBUSINESS.com home page. To view a blog with additional stories and photos click here.

A motorhome led a caravan through Prairie Village, Kan., Friday (Jan. 9) to protest some neighbors’ perceptions that recreational vehicles don’t belong in the Johnson County bedroom community.

After seeing a report on FOX 4 News last month about a snooty letter demanding that an RV be removed from one Prairie Village neighborhood, a radio host, who grew up in the sleepy suburb, decided to take action.

The president of Trailside RV Center in Grain Valley joined in, bringing a giant motor home to lead a caravan through the streets of Prairie Village.

The group stopped near 71st and Eaton, the neighborhood that received anonymous letters suggesting that RVs belonged in less attractive areas like Gardner, Troost or western Shawnee.

A neighbor told FOX 4 News he’s upset that the letters made it sound like everyone in the neighborhood objects to recreation vehicles.

“I think as long as within reason, I think people have the right to do whatever they wish with their yard as long as it’s within reason,” said Dante Ruiz, who lives near 71st and Eaton. “As long as it’s not hindering any sort of traffic, it’s not a complete eyesore in the neighborhood, it’s up the neighbors themselves to communicate that with each other and figure out what’s best for the neighborhood and what isn’t.”

RV supporters say the motor home costs more than some houses in Prairie Village.

The city council this month amended it’s rules for recreation vehicles, allowing owners to temporarily keep them on their driveways for seven days a month. But Prairie Village does require the vehicles to be screened, and they can’t be covered with tarps.