Editor’s Note: Today’s video comes from “Beggs Black Book” offering an analysis of last month’s wholesale specialty vehicle market. Beggs covers towable and motorized RVs, along with heavy-duty trucks, motorcycles/powersports and collectible cars.

Recreational Vehicles:

Last month we noted that although the RV market had begun its seasonal decline, the changes in value were not always linear … sometimes they move up a little, sometimes they move down a little, but the overall trend for this time of year is generally downward. Boy, is that ever true for this month! The month before last saw motorhome values increase $2,200, but this month they gave back a large portion of those gains, dropping $1,448, or just about 3 1/2%. Travel trailers actually increased by nearly $1,000 (about 10%) to $11,410, after having dropped $281 the month before.

We had attributed June’s increase in motorhome values more to a lack of supply than a sharp uptick in demand, and that seemed to be the case as a few more units entered the wholesale market in July, giving dealers a wider variety to choose from. Really nice condition towables proved to be a little harder to find this past month, causing their values to increase more than most dealers expected.

Looking ahead, we anticipate the wholesale values of both motorhomes and towables to decline as the cold weather sets in to most of the country. Towables historically begin their dip about a month earlier than the motorized units, so keep your eyes open on the lanes for any seasonal patterns as they emerge.