Editor’s Note: The following is a review by gizmag of a camper by ScarabRV that inflates in 60 seconds via a remote control. To view a video click here or scroll to the right side of the RVBUSINESS.com home page. To view the full story and additional photos click here.

scarabrv-camping-trailer@2xThe ScarabRV is a new ultralight camping trailer that frees you to hit the road with room for two, whether you’re traveling by small car or motorcycle. In contrast to the typical cranking pop-up, this trailer’s tent inflates into shape within a minute of arrival. Easy to tow and easy to use, the Scarab is designed to take the headaches out of travel and camping.

It’s a good time to be shopping the lightweight camping trailer market. We’ve seen a very steady stream of new small trailer launches over the past few years. At about 300 pounds, the ScarabRV slides into the “lightest of the light” category with the likes of the Freespirit XT.

The ScarabRV tent has a large door at the rear and a window up front. The design looks like it might be a bit shaky in high winds, and certainly not as stable as a hard-sided trailer, but that’s part of the give and take in having such a lightweight, easy-to-use design. The description of the tent as “water repellent” makes us question how well it would hold up to steady rain and whether one might want to add some type of tarp in bad weather.

A lightweight inflatable-tent trailer involves some concessions in terms of amenities. Unlike other small trailers, some of which include things like kitchen areas and entertainment systems, the ScarabRV is really just a tent on wheels. It does include a 250-pound payload and has 22 cubic feet of storage space with locks. Options include interior carpeting and LED lighting.

The inflation system is powered by the onboard 12-volt 20 Ah battery and can also be used to fill up accessories like air mattresses, inflatable watercraft, etc. The trailer comes standard with a 12-volt outlet, and buyers have the option of adding more 12-volt and USB outlets.

To view the full story and additional photos click here.