Today’s video comes from Dutchmen Manufacturing Inc. offering a look at a durability test of the company’s Kodiak ultralight travel trailer. Below is an accompanying press release.

Dutchmen recently put its Kodiak travel trailer through a punishing 1,000 mile test run at the Bosch proving grounds in New Carlisle, Ind., one of the nation’s premier independent and comprehensive testing centers.

The test encompassed extreme road conditions, including rumble strips, undulating road, cobblestones and figure-eight passes, each designed to cause significant stress on Kodiak’s frame, superstructure and body, as well as to challenge balance and stability.

According to Don Battles, director of engineering for Dutchmen, the company developed a new installation for various slideouts on its Kodiak ultralight trailers.

“This combination was new for us,” Battles said. “The Bosch test was set up to determine the durability and reliability of the mechanism, as well as the complete trailer design.”

Battles, who was present during the testing, noted he was “very pleased with the overall construction of the trailer, particularly how solid the trailer body proved to be. This type of mechanism will definitely be worked into other Kodiak units.”