Editor’s Note: The following is a column authored by Chuck Woodbury, editor of RVtravel.com, announcing  the completion of a new studio designed for producing RV consumer-oriented videos for use on YouTube. RVBUSINESS.com will be running a selection of RVtravel.com’s latest videos as a regular feature on the site. To access the videos scroll down the right side of the RVBUSINESS.com home page to the VIDEO 3 slot.

It’s a busy time around the RVtravel.com offices. We’re moving! As you probably know, we have built a small TV studio where we will soon begin producing TV-type interview shows which we will syndicate on the Web. I know you will enjoy them and learn a lot! I’ll tell you more another time. We don’t expect to be in full production until late this year.

Lucky for us, it turned out that the small office immediately adjacent to the studio became available. We grabbed it. Our big warehouse is no longer necessary for RVbookstore.com. Hundreds of our best-selling titles are no longer published and others are no longer in demand, so we don’t need nearly as much storage space. RVers, like everyone else, get their information these days on their computers, tablets, smartphones, GPS devices and from eBooks. They don’t need printed books anymore. We once sold hundreds of the thick Trailer Life RV Park Directory each year (now called the Good Sam Directory). I bet we don’t sell more than 60 or 70 a year now. Ditto with most of our other titles.

But that’s OK. As you know, these days we publish a newsletter almost every day and the advertising in those and on our websites has replaced the lost income from the bookstore. And many of you have chosen to make voluntary subscriptions, which has helped a lot (thank you!). Meanwhile, our readership has increased dramatically, which has allowed us to charge more for advertising, which means we can pay more to writers, which means even more information for you! And all that great information has attracted more readership. Two years ago, RVtravel.com received about 450,000 page views a month. Now, it’s about 1.4 million — and picking up steam!

There is a big opportunity in producing online video programs and I find it wonderfully challenging to be a pioneer in this new world. I am invigorated by the challenge of building a cable-TV sized audience, but not by traditional and expensive means (on broadcast and cable TV where the fare these days is stupid reality shows) but through syndication of our videos on the Web. If you have a website and would like to join our network, it’s easy to do. There is no charge, and there may even be some income one day (after we make some first). Just ask and I will tell you more.

So we’ll be packing up and moving all of April, and will be in our new location by May 1. For a sneak preview of where we are now in the moving process, watch the video I have posted on my personal journal page where I’ll give you a brief, informal tour. You will see we have a long way to go.

I can’t think of anything else to report right now. So I’ll just move along and trust that you enjoy this issue of the best newsletter about RVing ever published in the USA, or even the entire World — and probably in the entire Universe, which as you know is quite big!