Vintage Trailer Magazine Publisher Lisa Mora travels the country in her 1953 Hudson with trailer in tow

For those who favor nostalgia over the latest technology-laden RVs, Vintage Trailer Magazine champions the products of the mid-century camping RV pioneers. The Oakland, Ore.-based publication comes out in print six times a year and is solely dedicated to retro-styled, restored trailers. 

Each magazine features stories, photos, restoration chronicles and input from vintage trailer enthusiasts. Lisa Mora, publisher and editor of Vintage Trailer Magazine, told RVBUSINESS.com that she captures the whimsical classic style of these trailers and the stories of their owners, whom she calls “trailorites.”

“Vintage trailer enthusiasts come from all walks of life and are truly a unique breed of people,” she said.

Lisa Mora

According  to Mora, her readership and vintage trailer enthusiasts have an insatiable appetite for wanderlust, favoring the classic and timeless over the flashy and high-tech. Mora, an Australian-turned-Oregon native, shares this drive for adventure by chasing the nostalgic culture in her own classic car and restored trailer to vintage rallies.  

“The trailer came first,” said Mora of her 1949 Crown brand trailer restoration she has christened Rosie The Riveted. “Then came the car (a 1953 Hudson Hornet) when I moved to Oregon to be closer to my sister.”

Today, she cruises down the road in Doc Hudson, her name for the ocean blue Hudson Hornet, with her vintage trailer in tow behind. She makes her way across the country travelling from rally to rally in search of content for her next feature.

“I think the appeal of vintage trailers is along the lines of the same appeal we feel for the days when we were younger,” said Mora in a 2018 interview with the RV lifestyle show Rollin’ On TV, “It’s the nostalgia of a happier, simpler time when we went camping with our friends and family members.”

See Lisa’s full interview with Rollin’ On TV here: https://youtu.be/3LNysEIa0KU.

Printed in the U.S., Vintage Trailer Magazine has become a household name in the “trailorite” community. Ann Kruger, a Portland, Ore., native and an avid reader of the magazine, also follows the publication on the Vintage Trailer Facebook page, which has grown to 13,355  followers.   

“The photos, the layouts and the stories are all like eye candy,” Kruger related. “The quality is excellent. Even the paper feels high-end. We all reap the benefits of the love that has gone into this magazine by its owner and editor.”

The magazine has also gained recognition from other popular media outlets, including ABC, Salt Magazine, and Gearheads 4 Life Magazine.

Can’t get enough of vintage trailers? You can also buy Lisa’s book, Vintage Trailer Style: Buying, Restoring, Decorating & Styling the Small Place of Your Dreams, which contains a plethora of helpful information for newfound trailer enthusiasts. The book is available on Amazon here.