A dream project and thousands of hours of hard work is being rewarded with front page billing on a national magazine for a local couple and the community of Brownfield, Texas.

As reported by the Brownfield News, the summer issue of Vintage Trailer Magazine features a show-quality 1963 Shasta Compact camper, fully restored and customized by Cory and Dusty Caswell.

The trailer, the fulfillment of more than 2,200 hours of restoration work, garnering the attention of a growing community across the country who are buying and restoring vintage campers.

“It’s surreal to see our camper featured on the cover of this beautiful magazine,” said Dusty Caswell. “We have put so much time and effort into making this camper a reflection of who we are that it’s very rewarding for other people to appreciate it.”

The Brownfield couple purchased the camper in 2016 and began the long and arduous journey of bring it back to its former glory and beyond.

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