On Feb. 8-9, the Vogt family hosted the grand opening of the new Airstream of Dallas/Fort Worth dealership in Texas. The 40,000-square-foot facility features indoor parts, service, and more than 40 Airstream vehicles in it’s air conditioned and heated showroom. 

“I think we had over 300 people through the doors in the first couple hours. It was a lot of fun getting to meet and greet all of those people, and show them what the new indoor showroom at Airstream of DFW is all about,” said partner and General Sales Manager Colby Cannon in a press release, noting the company held a giveaway for an Airstream Basecamp trailer. “The Basecamp was the 2017 RV of the Year. It is just a unique little Airstream trailer, and to have almost 2,000 people come in and sign up for it, it was just really great.” 

“It was amazing how many people stuck around to see the actual drawing for the Basecamp, and the showroom was full,” stated Aaron Vogt. “I wouldn’t call it capacity, but between the contest, shoppers and customers picking up their new RV’s, it was really a packed building, which was fantastic.” 

Vogt mentioned that although they chose different advertising outlets, it was clear the biggest draw was the Airstream trailers.

“DFW is considered one of the top 10 areas for interest in RVs, and the brands we carry are all top sellers in the industry. When you put those coveted brands in this RV-seeking metroplex, and add a trusted dealer for decades, you get a formula for customer satisfaction. We are just really fortunate to have those products and be in this area,” added Vogt. “Dallas Fort Worth is big, I think some people like to escape the heat. I think that people like to get outdoors the other three-quarters of the year when it is so pleasant. Again, we are truly fortunate to have that all come together for us, and we take that as a blessing and an honor.” 

Vogt stated that his family and Airstream have big goals in mind for the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and have merely scratched the surface. 

“I think what this grand opening has done, and that is kind of what we were shooting for, is to establish us as a destination, not just in Texas and Dallas Fort Worth, but in all of the surrounding states. We’ve already had some service customers that have traveled as far as Montana and had service from us and then traveled back,” he said. “I know there are a lot of dealerships between here and there that they could have gone to, but they specifically wanted to come back because they enjoyed their experience here. That was the goal, to get the word out that we are here. And, with our excellent reputation in the products that we sell, the people that we have here and the service that we can provide, people know that we are a destination that they need to come see before they make any purchases. ”