City officials are looking at ways to deal with an influx of recreational vehicles that are home to out-of-state workers in the natural gas industry.

Some phone calls and complaints have been received about recreational vehicles and officials are looking for a way to regulate the mobile domiciles that is fair to both the city’s permanent residents and the temporary workers who are here to do a job, Mayor Richard Edwards said.

Chuck and Jody Ackerman live next to a trailer court that has recently undergone expansion to add numerous recreational vehicles. The Ackerman’s moved to Buckhannon eight years ago because of its beauty and small-town charm.

On a Friday in May, Chuck Ackerman said he noticed some construction happening at the trailer park next door to his home.

“I was approached to see if they could use the sewer line that goes through the back of my property to attach to. I didn’t want them going though my property after I found out what was going on. So, I said no. They said they had another option,” he said. “Between that Friday night and Monday morning, and there was nobody for me to even call or question, they did quite a bit there. They put in a lot of sites and did a lot of digging. I called the zoning office on Monday.”

Chuck Ackerman said he spoke to former zoning officer Rich Clemens, who was not aware that work was being done at the trailer park.

“He (Clemens) did go over there and looked around and called me later that afternoon. And he did say that they hadn’t applied for a permit, hadn’t applied for a variance, and they were doing substandard work. For example, they were running sewer, water and electric lines in the same trench,” Chuck Ackerman said.