The controversy over RVers parking for free on a Wal-Mart store parking lot, instead of patronizing nearby campgrounds, remains a hot issue in Whitehorse in Canada’s Yukon Territory, according to the Whitehorse Star.
“We’ve gone around this for two years now,” said Whitehorse Councilor Dave Stockdale at council meeting last week.
The council eventually voted down a motion that the local Wal-Mart store be ordered to prohibit overnight parking of RVs because it contravenes the zoning bylaw.
Stockdale and Yvonne Harris were the only councilors to vote in favor of the motion.
For the past two summers, RV park owners have complained of losing business because of Wal-Mart permitting RVers to park overnight in the store’s lot.
Numerous RVs have filled the lot. Although the city and Wal-Mart agreed to a limit of approximately 20 RVs and a number of other restrictions for last summer, RV park owners continued to complain the store was allowing more than that number to park in the lot.
The city’s lawyers advised that a change to the territory’s Motor Vehicles Act to allow municipalities more control over overnight parking on private property would be required.
The city approached the Association of Yukon Communities (AYC) to propose an amendment to the Act. However, Harris brought forward a motion that the city enforce the zoning bylaw, which doesn’t allow overnight camping on private property.
That motion was deferred until the city receives a reply from the AYC.
The city has yet to receive that reply, but the AYC said it wants the Whitehorse proposal reworded so other communities in the territory would have flexibility in dealing with the issue.